Get Cooking

To get started you will need to provide us: 

$250 refundable deposit

Food Manager Certification  and Food Handler’s licenses for all staff

$1M of general liability insurance with Alamo Kitchens named as an additional insured

Food Establishment License (if  storing anything in the kitchen)

Sign up today:

Using the space: 

All client members receive priority online booking, 24-hour access to space, cold & dry storage day usage,  and a designated number of hours based on their plan.  Utilities, trash, access to pots & pans and sanitizing chemicals are also included.  Our current monthly kitchen plans are:

10/hours month @ $225
25/hours month @ $500
40/hours month @ $750
100/hours month @ $1,500

Additional kitchen use hours, monthly cold and dry storage can be purchased as needed.

Other Uses:

Temporary / Overflow Cooking Space
Food Tastings
Photography & Film Space
Private Events

(Hourly usage rates available)