Alamo Kitchens

We are Alamo Kitchens
a culinary co-working space

Alamo Kitchens is a licensed, shared-use commercial kitchen designed for food-focused entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

A launchpad for your food or beverage project, Alamo Kitchens is the ideal space to test your culinary concept, polish your menu and collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs in San Antonio. This is the commercial kitchen you need whether you are brewing beverages,  prepping meals, manufacturing consumer packaged goods or cooking for groups large and small.

One of the largest barriers to entry for food businesses is the expense of building out and leasing  a commercial kitchen.  Alamo Kitchens exists to help you eliminate this barrier.  We are a fully equipped, licensed shared use commercial kitchen in San Antonio, Texas. We are here to help you minimize your start-up costs, lower your risk and grow your business.

We want you in the kitchen!
All industry sectors are welcomed:
CPG food & beverage- Artisan food & beverage –
Caterers -Person Chefs – Bakers –  Chocolatiers

Join our community.

210-909-9988 (voice/text)